About the neXt Platform

USC neXt has innovation at the heart of its mission as it proposes to align education and research with current global industrial trends and future needs relevant to the exponentially growing adoption of connected cyber-physical systems. USC Next will use innovative delivery of curricula and shift current educational paradigms as innovation in manufacturing requires the inter-disciplinary integration of mechanical, computer and electrical engineering with business, operation and marketing domains. USC Next will be a cornerstone to unravel new world-class manufacturing opportunities.

USC neXt Future Factories platform demonstrates the fully integrated operation of cyber-physical systems to improve manufacturing processes. At its core, neXt combines emerging technologies in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Augmented Reality (AR), Machine Learning (ML), System Health Monitoring (SHM), and predictive analytics to build a comprehensive research platform capable of addressing needs in industry and academia.

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This is a demo of the USC neXt Platform that our capstone team has been developing for the McNair Center

When you open the webapp, you'll see this landing page which is an about page.

The first thing you want to do is go the the Job Queue Tab and start adding parts.


Next you will want to select the Sensor Information Tab


Next you will want to select the Cell Video Feed


These would normally be live feeds of the 4 different cells, but those feeds are unavaliable for this demo so instead you are seeing 4 different YouTube live feeds, but the live feeds from the cameras at the McNair Center would stream video to the app in the same way.

Next you will want to select the Simulation Environment Tab


The simulation environment provides visibility into the CAD model of the cell. It is embedded output from proprietary industrial software. If you press the play button, you can see the robots move and manipulate the objects in the industrial cell. You can also click zoom to fit which will allow you to then zoom in and out as well as manipulate the camera by clicking and dragging with the left and right mouse buttons.

Finally you want to select the Inspection Feed tab


Again, this tab would normally be viewing a live feed of the inspection camera at the McNair lab